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Wetlands Edge Environmental Center

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Summer Assignments (6th-12th Grades)

Summer Assignments (6th-12th Grades) Featured Photo
This summer, students entering 6th-12th grades are asked to complete summer assignments for math and language arts. These assignments were designed by Decatur City Schools’ teachers to help students refresh skills they learned last year. Students should complete assignments for the math and language arts classes they have registered to take for the 2018/2019 school year. Click the headline for more information.

New Austin and Decatur High Schools Furniture Package

New Austin and Decatur High Schools Furniture Package Featured Photo
Our two new high schools are going up around town! You may have seen renderings of what the outside of the buildings will look like, but now you can see more of what it will be like inside through the furniture package that's planned.

Decatur’s Biggest Outdoor Classroom Gets a Boost

Decatur’s Biggest Outdoor Classroom Gets a Boost Featured Photo
Thanks to the generous donation of $30,000 from Indorama Ventures, Wetland’s Edge Environmental Center (WEEC) is able to continue a free, nationally recognized outdoor classroom experience for 8,600 students of Decatur City Schools.

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Partners in Education

 "In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught." - Baba Dioum (Senegalese Ecologist, 1968)
Welcome to Wetlands Edge Environmental Center (WEEC), a partnership between Indorama Ventures (IVXP) and Decatur City Schools (DCS) in Decatur, Alabama. WEEC provides hands-on, environmental "place-based" (David Sobel, 2004)* educational opportunities across the K-16 curriculum to all who visit. Located on IVXP's 400+ acres of wildlife habitat, WEEC offers a brand new opportunity to explore the natural world in a setting that combines native species and natural beauty. This award winning wildlife habitat is certified through the Wildlife Habitat Council, a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to increasing the quality and amount of wildlife habitat on corporate, private and public lands. 
The Center hosted its first group of students on February 22, 2002, offering programs in two classrooms/labs with numerous live displays, including two floor-touch tanks, a 1650-gallon marine tank, and a 780-gallon freshwater ecosystem. In addition, more than two miles of trails traverse the habitat enabling visitors to see several diverse ecosystems including a swamp, a marsh, a pond, bottomland hardwoods, upland species, young pines, and an old oak grove climax community. Such remarkable biodiversity in habitat and species places Alabama in the top five on the biodiverstiy index for the contiguous 48 states. 
This web site is intended to be a forum for communication. DCS students and teachers may share information, field data, and samples of their creative work.
We invite you to contact us and participate!
Program Goals Image

Program Goals

To create an understanding of the natural environment and the interrelationships among living things
To promote sound stewardship and wise management of our natural resources for the welfare of man and all living things
To create an awareness of global, national, and local environmental problems and foster sound decision making regarding their solutions
To enrich, vitalize, extend, complement and culminate all content areas of the K-12 school curriculum by means of firsthand observation and direct experience outside the classroom
To develop programs which are constructivist, meeting students where they are, inquiry based, and directly correlated to the National Science Standards, HASP, the Alabama Course of Study and High School Graduation Exam requirements
To emphasize the concept of biodiversity, a global issue with far-reaching implications that encompasses sustainable development, corporate and social environmental accountability and relationships with local and indigenous communities.
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