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IVXP Wildlife Habitat

IVXP (formerly bp) is a member of the Wildlife Habitat Council, a nonprofit, non-lobbying 501(c)(3) group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat.  The Wildlife Habitat Council’s Wildlife at Work program provides a structure for corporate-driven cooperative efforts between management, employees and community members to create, conserve and restore wildlife habitats on corporate lands.  


You can read more about IVXP's work with Wildlife Habitat Council here...

Did you know that IVXP's Wildlife Habitat is listed as stop number 18 on the North Alabama Birding Trail? Follow the link below for more information about our stop.

Wetlands Edge Environmental Center has established the following as projects and goals for the wildlife habitat that includes part of the center.  WEEC staff works with IVXP Wildlife Committee members to plan and implement projects on a monthly basis.  This is an ongoing random list and not in order of priority:

  1. Seasonal wood duck nest box monitoring - During the spring, after nesting season, and the fall/winter - field studies and WEEC staff determine the percent usage and estimated hatch rate, clean out and replace nesting material, and repair boxes as needed.  There are currently 17 nest boxes on the WEEC property
  2. Blue bird nest box monitoring
  3. Purple martin gourd nests
  4. Marsh revitalization - plantings/erosion control, biological inventory surveys
  5. Invasive species control - Chinese privet and kudzu
  6. Reptile and amphibian survey