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Wetlands Edge Environmental Center

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How To Schedule a Field Trip (DCS Teachers)

1.  Check the WEEC calendar for "Open Session".  Pick a 1st choice date and a 2nd choice date
2.  Fill out the Field Trip Request Form
3.   Field trips are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  You will receive a confirmation email from once your request has been processed.  A DCS bus will be scheduled for you.
4.  Print your permission forms (Form 1 and Form 2 for each student) and bring a signed copy for each student with you when you come.  
5.  Review Forms and Planning Materials section and the "WEEC Field Trip Planning Guide" for any additional information or questions you may have pertaining to your trip.

Any questions you may have can probably be answered by checking the various links on the "Plan Your Trip" web page within this website.  You may also call the center at 256-301-1559 and leave a message. Your call will be returned after classes are over.


Check the WEEC calendar to find available dates you may wish to visit. Classes can only be scheduled Tuesday through Friday.  


Session Times
The general schedule is as follows: 

One session (class) every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9:00-11:00 AM

Longer field trips (9:00-1:00) available by special request only (days available are limited)

Due to limited staff, teachers can only schedule one field trip per year.  


Prior to their visit teachers are expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves and their students with the activity plans and pre-planning suggestions in the WEEC Field Trip Planning Guide (link below) for their field trip.  


Field Trip Confirmation
WEEC staff members will notify you ASAP by email and written notice of the date you are scheduled to visit, and will make the necessary bus arrangements. You may reconfirm your field trip date by checking the WEEC Calendar online


Safety and Liability

  1. Please bring your class roster/checklist and the two signed release forms per child to WEEC the day of the field trip
  2. If you have students who need special accommodations please notify us at least one day prior to your visit so that we can make appropriate preparations. Please bring any pertinent medical information
  3. To enhance safety please try to provide the appropriate number of chaperones for your class as outlined below.  


Group Size/Chaperones

GROUP DISCIPLINE is the responsibility of the teacher and accompanying chaperones and is to be maintained throughout the excursion! The WEEC classrooms are designed to fit 30 students comfortably.  Please keep this number in mind if you are planning to bring chaperones.  Large groups cannot be easily accommodated.  Parents who would be required to bring preschool children should not be asked to chaperone. 

The suggested adult-to-child ratios for group visitation are as follows:

K - 2 = 1 : 5      3 - 5 = 1 : 8          6 - 8 = 1 : 15             9 - 12 = 1 : 25


Name Tags
Each time you visit you will need to provide name tags for yourself, students, and chaperones. Please print name tags in at least 1" letters if possible so they will be easily readable from a distance.

General Info

Please remind your class not to touch or tap on the aquariums or chew gum or candy.  Before you leave the center we ask that your students help us put up any equipment we might use, and that you and your chaperones inspect the bathrooms to ensure that there are no problems!