students in stream with nets

11th and 12th graders from Decatur High and Austin High who are interested in the Environmental Field Studies Course for 2022-2023 must complete the online form to be considered for the course.  

Environmental Field Studies Course Form

For the outdoor type and those truly interested in field work and learning about the environment.  This course combines a select group of students from both Decatur and Austin high schools to embark on a unique learning experience at Wetlands Edge Environmental Center (WEEC).  Course will offer college level preparation for career minded students and practical experience for those less inclined.  Much of the course will be conducted in the field where activities include bioassessment of streams, wading water using nets and seines, handling organisms, specimen collecting, water testing, hiking, orienteering, wildlife inventory, and generally getting wet and dirty.  Emphasis of the course will be on aquatic ecosystems but will include a variety of class and field experiences in other areas such as ichthyology, herpetology, and ornithology.  Students will also need to have an appreciation for animals as they will be involved in the life support and husbandry of the many organisms displayed in the center.  Class will require a strong commitment from students as it can only be taught 4th block and must extend beyond the regular school day (flexibility with your employer if you work).  Number will be limited due to the nature of the class.  Students will drive or carpool to the WEEC site or other study sites daily for class.