While WEEC has many living ambassadors for wildlife in the classrooms, students also spend time outdoors and encounter wildlife of their own. Alabama has tremendous biodiversity and we want all the students who visit WEEC to see it first-hand!

3rd-5th grade students are encouraged to write down and draw a picture of any of the animals they see in the wildlife habitat of WEEC. To the right is a list of what we have encountered so far during the 2023-2024 school year.

Check out our display of Tree-mendous Wildlife during your visit to WEEC! We hope to fill the tree up by the end of ths school year.

  • Green heron

  • Northern water snake

  • Monarch butterfly

  • Nine-banded armadillo

  • Great egret

  • Luna moth

  • Black racer

  • Double-crested cormorant

  • Great blue heron

  • White-tailed deer

  • Turkey vulture

  • Gray rat snake

  • Fox squirrel

  • Belted kingfisher